Richard Riddle

This is just a quick note to thank you for the service and support that you have provided my company over the last 4 years. What started out as a pessimistic venture into the outsourced development of a few reports has grown into the full blown development and support of our internationally utilised application, Crop Manager. The consistency of the developers that have worked with us over the four years has allowed us to develop a level of confidence in the quality of what is being delivered. Once the team was comfortable with what we were doing and what was expected of them, they not only delivered what was expected of them on time, but they also began to propose better processes and more practical functionality. The communication process was always open and clear and useful “development relationships” grew between our in-house development team and your team. This was a very important part of the successful development of our product as it ensured a quality deliverable based on very sound coding and development principles.

Our entire relationship with your organisation has been based upon support and co-operation from you and your team. This has been demonstrated a number of times over the last 4 years and I would like to record my thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for DataIntoProfit during this period. I look forward to continuing this relationship into the future and wish you and your team all of the very best.

Thanks a lot for everything.